Student Gmail

Student Gmail Access

The student Gmail sign-in page can be accessed by clicking here. Alternatively, you can select "G" from the District A-Z menu at the top of the District's Home page which is Then, select "Gmail - Students" and the student Gmail sign-in page will appear. By going this route, rather than directly to Google, this sign-in page automatically appends the "" to a student's username. This way the student does not have to type it unlike when they use Google's sign-in page at Usernames and passwords are provided to students by their classroom teachers should you need to help your child access his/her student Gmail account.

DCSD Information Technology Policy

Students' use of their Gmail accounts is covered under Policy JICJ, Student Use of District Information Technology which states: "To support its educational mission, the Douglas County School District may provide information technology ("IT"), such as computers, networks, Internet access and electronic-mail acccounts, to its students. The Board of Education believes that District IT should be used in schools as a learning resource to educate and to inform."

This policy covers the District's responsibility to "ensure that students use District IT appropriately and responsibly" and the measures it has taken to do so, from implementing content filtering to teaching students how to evaluate and choose information sources. It also covers student conduct when using District IT and gives examples of prohibited use which, at a minimum, may result in the loss of the privilege to use the District's IT.

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